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Pallet wrap audit

We are a packaging company that want people to use less packaging, sounds odd right? But it makes sense; just because you use more packaging it does not mean your products are any safer or any more stable. And as a packaging company, we are here to protect you, your loads and products.

Focussing on using thinner plastic, using the right sized bag for the product and making better volumetric use of packaging are three of the key areas companies need to look at.

Our in-house load retention specialists can carry out a scientific audit of a businesses’ usage of stretch film and come up with improvements which usually result in a reduction of up to 30% in stretch film usage. For example, it is common for pallet wrap machines to be operation inefficiently causing a significant increase in stretch film used and hence an increase in stretch film entering the waste stream. Our engineers focus on the following process:

pallet wrap audit pallet wrap audit