Gummed paper tape dispensers guide

Dispenser Manual pull-and-tear
Manual table-top dispenser Electronic dispenser
  Manual pull and tear gummed paper tape dispenser
Manual table-top dispenser
Electronic gummed paper tape dispenser
What type of tape can it dispense?
Gum side out Yes Yes Yes
Gum side in Yes Yes Yes
gum paper tape
Yes Yes Yes
gum paper tape
No Yes Yes
What width tape can it hold?
48mm Yes Yes Yes
70mm Yes Yes Yes
What is the maximum tape length it can dispense?
Max length No limitation
Pull to desired length
No limitation
Pull lever to desired length
Up to
Benefits Compact and simple, pull and tear
Our most affordable dispenser for those on a budget
Light therefore can be moved anywhere
Can be used with any of our gummed tapes
Can be placed on a table top and moved anywhere
Simple to use for light to medium volume
3-in-1 moistens, dispenses and cuts the tape ready to use
Automatic one touch dispensing for heavy volumes
Can be used with all of our gummed tapes
Warranty 6 Months 12 Months 12 Months