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Void fill guide

Void fill guide: everything you need to know about void fill

Type EcoFlo
loose fill
loose fill
Large bubble wrap Mini Air cushions Instapak foam cushioning
Starch Loose Fill Vermiculite Loose Fill Large Bubble Wrap Mini Air Cushions Instapak
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Technical info
Made from starch minerals plastic film plastic film polyurethane foam
Colour white gold / brown clear clear / green blue
Sold in 15 ft3 bags 3.5 ft3 bags 50m rolls 700m/300m rolls several sized bags
Storage space required per pack
Less than 1 ft3
(0.03 m3)
Around 3.5 ft3
(0.1 m3)
Around 15 ft3
(0.4 m3)
Around 18 ft3
(0.5 m3)
Material required to fill 1m3
2.4 bags 10 bags 1.6 rolls
(1500mm width)
1.9 rolls
(1200mm width)
0.15 rolls
(Filler 200/200)
0.67 rolls
(Wrapper quilt small)
Approx 80 bags
(size #80)
Made from recycled material
Can be recycled
Fully degradable
Natural material
Filling voids
Block & brace
Other features
Requires inflation
Moulds around product contours
Ready to use
For use with N/A N/A Roll dispenser Mini Air machine N/A