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  • Keep product and materials in one place with half drop side pallets
  • Half-drop side for easier access
  • Holds up to 1000kg capacity
  • Easily accessible and can be stacked
Only available on a 20-25 working day delivery.

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Half drop side pallets

Half drop side pallets are the ideal storage solution for keeping workplace areas clear of obstruction and clutter. This steel storage pallet benefits from holding up to 1000kg, holding a large amount of products and material, but can also be easily accessed with the drop side feature. Gain access to materials quickly, while storing products safely in the workplace.

Manufactured from welded steel and powder coated in a dark blue finish, this half drop side stillage is durable and sturdy, providing the best storage for a variety of work spaces, including storage for factories, retail and offices. All pallets are available in a range of sizes to suit your specifications.

Here at Kite, we also offer a range of box pallets, open fronted pallets and detachable side pallets.