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  • Open pallets for storing uniquely shaped materials and goods
  • Fully opened design allows for easier access
  • Great for storage of materials and supplies in an industrial area
  • Angled steel corner posts that can be stacked
  • Blue in colour and are available in a range of sizes
Only available on a 20-25 working day delivery.

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Post pallets

A common product in most workplaces, pallets are the ideal solution for a variety of industries when storing products – however, certain types of materials and containers can be difficult to stack on to pallets due to their shape or size. Kite Packaging’s range of post pallets provides the ideal solution for awkwardly sized products and materials. Accommodating a wide variety of items, steel post stillages make for easier access to materials or stocked items. The angled steeled corner posts allow products such as pipes, tubing, large boxes and other units with difficult dimensions to be safely stored and retrieved quickly when needed.

All of these pallets are manufactured in welded steel with a blue powder coating. All of our pallets are available in a range of sizes to suit many requirements, and we also stock other variations of stillages and pallets, including box pallets, open fronted pallets and detachable side pallets.