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  • Our tape dispensers can be used with a wide range of tapes
  • For fast and efficient carton sealing and waste reduction
  • Comfortable grip for prolonged use and safety features included
  • A choice of dispensers for both 48mm and 75mm wide rolls

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What is the purpose of a tape dispenser gun?

A parcel tape dispenser makes light work of packaging and carton sealing, resulting in a professional finish and potentially reducing wastage. The pistol grip tape dispenser is the most well-known form of tape dispenser gun used in busy warehouses and dispatch departments. Low-cost, yet high-quality, our range of tape dispensers will bring efficiency to your warehouse, office, home and even home office. 

What size tape fits in a tape dispenser?

Be sure to choose the correct gun dispenser for the size of packaging tape you use; we sell tape dispensers that are compatible with either 48mm or 75mm packaging tape or a universal one that fits any core.

Our 48mm wide standard tape dispenser is to be used with 48mm tape only. The light-weight easy to use tape dispenser increases the speed of sealing and boasts a sharp steel blade that easily cuts through the tape. In order to avoid injury, the blade is covered with a guard and the curved handle allows for a better grip, preventing the tape dispenser from slipping.

Our 48mm wide universal tape dispenser can be used with both our standard 66m packaging tape and our range of extra long 150m rolls of Envirotape. This sturdy but lightweight dispenser is well designed with a comfortable grip and retractable safety blade. Due to the easy-loading mechanism, it is quick to load any type of tape. Our handheld universal dispenser also has a noise saver design allowing for silent dispensing of non-low-noise tapes off the roll. It can hold tape with any size core and is perfect for our 38mm diameter Envirotape. It weighs only 393g, making it the lightest tape gun available.

Our 48mm premium tape dispenser is to be used with 48mm tape only on a 38mm & 75mm core size. The retractable safety blade cuts only when the plate is pressed against the surface and the noise saver bar minimises unpleasant noise from tape rewinding. The static cling strip is designed to keep the tape in a ready-to-use position each time after dispensing, therefore increasing efficiency. Due to the easy-loading mechanism, it is quick to load any type of tape.

Our 75mm wide standard tape dispenser features a smooth non ribbed handle, adjustable brake (to control tape release), blade saver cap (to protect the blade when not in use for maximum safety) and suction strip. It can be used with tape up to 75mm width and 132m long, on standard 75mm diameter cores. It weighs 600g.

Heavy handheld tape dispenser

Our handheld heavy duty tape dispensers are suited to any pick and pack operation. Extremely easy and efficient to use, users can now seal boxes even quicker than before. This simple yet effective design is available for 48mm and 75mm (75mm core) wide tape and can be used with any tape including reinforced and cross weave. Simply lift open the metal cover flap, place the tape onto the core and then unravel around 3 inches of tape and place through the roller mechanism. The tape and dispenser are then ready to use. The tape can be cut to any desired length.

Due to its heavy-duty metal construction it is built to last and the sharp edge/teeth are extremely strong therefore enabling users to get through all types of tape fast and easy. It is comfortable to grip and fits perfectly into the user’s hand and due to its small size, it is extremely lightweight making easy work of any sealing.

Video: Our range of tape dispenser guns
See our range of tape dispensers and how they are loaded

Our dispensers include 48mm standard, universal, premium and 75mm standard guns. Skip to 00:39 for a demo on our 48mm standard tape gun. Skip to 01:05 for a demo on our universal tape gun. Skip to 01:30 for a demo on our premium gun. Skip to 01:55 for a demo on our standard 75mm gun.

Video: Heavy duty tape dispensers
How to use our heavy duty hand held tape dispensers

We stock both 48mm and 75mm heavy duty hand tape dispensers. Loading the dispenser couldn't be easier; simply lift the protective hood, slide the tape onto the inner core and weave the tape inbetween the two black rollers. Placing down the hood, the dispenser is ready to be used. Sticking the end of the tape to the carton, pull the dispenser over the flaps and cut the tape using the built-in blade. Our 75mm version works the same way as our 48mm dispenser and is easy to load and use. Both dispensers can be used with our heavy duty tapes; this includes cross weave and reinforced. The robust metal teeth are strong and are able to cut through thick tapes.