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Employee-owned Kite Packaging revamps Air Shock range

By Jake Kirk • Monday 02nd April 2018

Leading UK packaging supplier, Kite Packaging, has revamped its dynamic Air Shock Range in order to cater for a wider range of products. The revamp includes big price reductions making the Air Shock range amongst the most competitive in the market.

When it comes to the world of online, millions of customers are putting their trust in companies widespread to deliver their purchased products safely and securely. The packing process is a pivotal part of ‘business to business’ sales, as a well packaged product avoids the damaging of goods, thus driving customer satisfaction and helping to maintain the brand reputation of a business.

Employee-owned business, Kite Packaging, is taking protective packaging solutions to the next level with the expansion of its highly effective Air Shock range. With a further developed, more extensive range of protective air products, the packaging innovators are providing businesses with a cost-effective solution – one in which they can pack their stock in high quality, reliable material.

Kite has designed the Air Shock range to suit a variety of industries, catering for a large number of products across the UK such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and ceramics. Its highly beneficial features are it is ultra-lightweight, it offers excellent shock absorption and is easy-to-handle.

The environmentally friendly nature of the products is also a key asset, as each one can be deflated after use to be recycled. The price competitive range is designed to accommodate products such as ceramics and electronics as well as any other item that fits within the cushioning’s distinguished dimensions.

The transparent pouches contain no harsh chemicals or toxic residue, making them an ideal hygienic and presentable alternative for the drinks and pharmaceutical industries. Each cushioning device is equipped with a pre-inserted valve to aid speed and simplicity of inflation for workers and Kite has now also introduced its latest, low cost Small Compressor, a system that enables businesses to inflate Air Shock products in-house with ease and without taking up too much space.

For more information about the newly expanded Air Shock Cushioning range or about Kite’s other products and services, please visit

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

02nd April • 2018