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Air cushions & air pouches

Air cushion packaging machines

Many businesses are often faced with the same dilemma, how to successfully package and send a variety of goods with the least possible risk of damage or breakages in transit. Kite Packaging have the perfect solution - the versatile Mini Air cushion machine or Air Shock packaging.

Air Shock packaging

We stock a range of Air Shock packaging, suitable for all posting and parcel requirements. Choose from packs for ceramics, electronics and pharmaceuticals – with each pack suitable for any item that will fit within their useable dimensions.

Mini Air cushion packaging machine

Our Mini Air cushion machines enable you to produce your own air cushion packaging as and when required. Our range includes the Mini Air Easi, Classic and Pro, and each machine is suitable for a range of operations and applications. We also offer films to go with the machine, check out each product page for more information.

Mini Air films

Mini Air film can create a range of air pillows and air bubble packaging for a variety of applications. Create large flexible air cushions or small rectangular air pillows, both perfect for void filling. Make your own small bubble wrap film for packaging fragile items, or large bubble wrap for bulkier goods or cross layering.