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Air cushions & air pouches

What is an air cushion used for?

Air cushions provide very strong internal packaging protection to a range of items. From ceramics to electronics, an array of fragile objects are safely protected when surrounded by our air cushion products. The Air Shock packs offer specifically shaped pouches for certain items which can then be placed directly into a box, whereas the Mini Air cushions grant greater flexibility by being individual cushions or quilts designed to fill void spaces or wrap around specific products. These methods of void filling, block and bracing, interleaving and wrapping are excellent for ensuring the safe passage of an array of fragile objects. Air pillows prevent items within a box from moving or colliding with the sides of the container or any external impacts. The surface of the air filled packaging is tear resistant while being very thin and lightweight to minimise shipping costs. Raw materials are also conserved due to this minimal construction where 99% of the cushion is air and 1% is plastic.

How do you make air cushions?

At Kite, we supply cushions that can be inflated by programmable automatic Mini Air machines or Air Shock packs that are inflated with an air compressor or hand pump.

Mini Air machines produce air cushions on a continuous roll according to the settings that the user enters. The sophisticated technology fills the air cushions as they are driven through the machinery for an efficient production of air filled packaging. 

In contrast, the Air Shock pouches have a pre-inserted valve that allow you to easily inflate the packaging on demand, as needed. Kite supply a selection of compressors and accessories depending on the specifics of your operation and how you want to inflate the air pillows. For a low-cost starter system, a hand pump can be purchased with a tapered nozzle for easy insertion. Alternatively, we have a small compressor and a gun or desk mount inflation kit to accelerate the process. 

Each of the individual product pages will have more in-depth descriptions and videos to illustrate how air cushions are made for use after purchasing our solutions. 

How do you use an air cushion machine?

You can choose from either an automatic or manual method of filling air cushions. This will likely depend on whether your business requires a high or low output solution, though multiple Mini Air Easi machines are sometimes purchased, for example, rather than a single higher output model. All packaging products displayed on this page can be integrated with one another to form a totally bespoke setup designed to best benefit your specific business.

If you require advice, feel free to give one of our product experts a call at 02476 420065.

How do you store air pillows?

One of the greatest advantages of investing in an air cushion filling machine is the volume of void fill packaging that can be produced from a very compact, flat-packed volume of plastic. The cushions pre-inflation are very thin and lightweight, saving a considerable amount of storage space when compared to bubble wrap or polystyrene chip packaging. Therefore, they can be stored in a cardboard box or storage bin wherever is convenient to optimise the space you have for storing products and growing your business.