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Do you want an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap?

Our new range of hivewrap is a strong contender in the market, having already converted many customers away from the traditionally used bubble wrap.

Tuesday • 6th April • 2021 Jake Kirk

We have brought to market our new range of reusable, recyclable and biodegradable shredded paper

We have added our shredded paper to our ecommerce offering providing customers with sustainable alternatives.

Tuesday • 30th March • 2021 Jake Kirk

UK cardboard shortage explained

During the pandemic, packaging is taking longer to find its way back into the system, here we discuss more.

Friday • 26th March • 2021 Jake Kirk

We have expanded our ecommerce offering

We have a vast range of packaging perfectly suited to the ecommerce sector, available on our market-leading b2b ecommerce website.

Thursday • 25th February • 2021 Jake Kirk

We have expanded our range of vacuum, bagging, and shrinking equipment

We have a broad team of in-house experts who are constantly bringing new and improved packaging solutions to market.

Tuesday • 16th February • 2021 Jake Kirk

Are you looking for a way to protect food in transit?

Protecting items during transit is vital, particularly if delicate and susceptible to being ruined if in the incorrect temperature range.

Friday • 5th February • 2021 Jake Kirk

What are the Packaging Regulations?

Our environmental solutions division has produced a new video explaining the Packaging Regulations.

Thursday • 28th January • 2021 Andy Fay

Solutions to ensure your products are protected in transit.

We have a wide range of knowledge supported by in-house packaging experts, engineers, and technologists and our leading B2B ecommerce website.

Tuesday • 19th January • 2021 Jake Kirk

Update on the Current Packaging Market Conditions

We have put together a briefing to help you and your business understand how the packaging industry is being impacted by macro-economic events.

Monday • 11th January • 2021 Andy Fay

We have launched a range of wax lined boxes for food

We have expanded our range of packaging for the food industry by adding wax-lined boxes to our leading b2b ecommerce website.

Tuesday • 5th January • 2021 Jake Kirk