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How We Test New Products

By Jake Kirk • Friday 01st May 2015

We are passionate about all of our products and work hard to always provide great quality packaging, at a great price, for our customers.

Our Account Managers are key to the high level of service which we provide. They are passionate about the products we offer, and are regularly trained to top up their already developed expert product knowledge.

We like to be hands on when getting to know our products, especially when we are introducing a new range. Rubble Sacks and FIBC Bags are the two new additions which will shortly be launched into our current bag range, so we decided to set a fun Friday challenge and test them out in true Kite style.

The competition saw two challenges take place; the FIBC Bag Tug of War and the Rubble Sack Relay Race!

With our competitive Account Managers divided into three teams, the true strength of the FIBC bags was tested. Some of our strongest team members went head to head, seeing the bags being pulled back and forth; an anticipating, tense few minutes between the challengers.

The FIBC bag, in all its glory, showed its true strength and resisted splitting, and left our winners of the first round pretty smug!

Check out the pictures below!





After getting their breath back, it was time for the teams to go head to head once again for the relay challenge.

Our teams were tasked with climbing into the rubble sacks, jumping their way over to tag their team member and be the first to cross the finish line. After much laughter, innovative bag shuffling moves, and support from fellow team members, our challenge came to an end.

We caught some of the highlights from the race below.




But who were the winners? Simon’s team won both the Rubble Sack Relay Race and the FIBC Tug of War. However, at Kite we are all winners, and all three Team Leaders were presented with a bottle of champagne and chocolates for all the Account Managers to share.




The bag competition was a great start to the Bank Holiday weekend for the team. Everybody had fun whilst gaining great product knowledge, and celebrated with copious amounts of cake… it is Friday after all!

How do you test your new products? Send us pictures and videos via Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for the launch of these tough, heavy-duty bags.