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Introducing DS Smith R Flute®

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 15th January 2013

Introducing a new style of corrugated board

Always keen on searching out the latest technologies for our customers, here at Kite Packaging we are pleased to announce the launch of R Flute® corrugated board this year.

For those of you who are unaware of the term, R Flute® refers to a new type of corrugated board that has environmental and economic advantages over traditional flutes.

Cardboard box

This innovative new packaging product has undergone a meticulous development process that resulted in a profile in which the flutes are smaller and closer together than B-Flute, whilst maximising board strength.

Numerous benefits over traditional board types

Switching to R Flute® has many benefits, both in terms of cost saving, increased performance and environmental credentials:

  • R Flute® makes use of 30 per-cent more flute tips per cm or inch, which means products containing this board have a greater resistance to pressure from items like cans and bottles.
  • The board has an improved print surface which is great for small businesses and online traders keen on maintaining quality control.
  • By switching to R Flute® you can get at least 20 per-cent more packaging delivered per pallet, this means less inbound handling and fewer packaging deliveries which means less traffic and less admin, saving you money!
  • R Flute® also makes use of an improved geometry for optimum performance which gives crisper creasing.

Following an intensive trial period across numerous applications R Flute® usage has accelerated very quickly. It is already an extremely popular board type used across the industry.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

15th January • 2013