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Kite’s top 5 tips for a stress-free move!

By Jake Kirk • Monday 22nd August 2016

Moving property is said to be one of the key stressful times that is experienced in many people’s lives. A survey carried out by The Express in April 2015 found that almost two in three (61%) placed moving house at the top of their stress list in a poll of 2,000 adults who had moved home. We have some tips that we hope will support you in having a stress free move.

  1. Leave yourself plenty of time

There is nothing worse than a last minute rush. Its times like that when you are likely to forget key items and stress yourself out. Start pre planning in advance, follow lists, and purchase one of Kites removal kits to ensure you have the key packaging essentials that you need in one single transaction. Take your time packing, by this we don’t mean do it slowly on moving day, but gradually begin to pack in the weeks up to your moving date, start with the least essential items, for example the loft, basement, shed and ornaments, items that you will not necessarily require. This will also give you time to go through any unwanted items so that you can have a good clear out before moving in to your new home.


  1. Don’t be fooled by poor quality boxes

When experiencing such a stressful time it is easy to fall into the trap of purchasing “economy” grade products at high prices due to last minute panic. These will fill you with nothing but stress and frustration when packing. A poor quality box will not have sufficient strength to support and carry the heavier duty items you pack. Kites removal kits consist of both single and double wall cardboard boxes supplying you with boxes to carry light and heavy goods; along with a range of other items depending on the kit you purchase. To see our products, visit


  1. Use our house removal checklist

We have produced a house removal checklist, to support you from the very start of your move until completion. The list does the thinking for you, so you can focus on the finer details and getting your property packed up. Be sure to check this out on the guide section of our removal page. It pays to be organised and will help the process run smoothly.


  1. Archive all important documents

When moving, it is common for things to end up in a number of places, we advise you to be as organised as possible and label, label, label! However we understand this is not always the case, after a long day of packing, certain items may begin to get mixed in with others. However it’s important to ensure that your all-important documents are kept in one clearly labelled place. Kites range of archive box (3 are included in the 2-3 and 4 bedroom kits) can be purchased separately and are the perfect solution for archiving those important documents. As standard they have printed panels for you to add notation information. Key to Kites archive boxes is that they are the highest quality product at market beating prices and are ideal to continue to use once you have moved in. Due to their high quality they can be used over extended periods of time. It may also be a good idea to create electronic copies as back up.


  1. Pack a separate box for items you need to have on hand.

Don’t be caught out and leave yourself searching through a pile of boxes for specific items, it is important to have easy access to any supplies you will need throughout the day or during your first night. Be sure to pack any essentials, such as tea and coffee, snacks, clothes, cleaning products or toiletries, you don’t want to be without into a separate box.


To see kites full range of products visit

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

22nd August • 2016