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New Wicker Hampers & Shredded Papers!

By Carl Board • Monday 18th March 2024

Recently added to our gift packaging range: wicker hampers and new colours in shredded ZigZag paper .

Available in 14”, 16” and 20”, our new hampers are handcrafted from split willow, with vegan leather buckle straps and hinges. They are lightweight and sturdy, with a premium finish that makes them a timeless classic for any gifting occasion. 

Split willow refers to a technique which involves cutting the willow stem in half, resulting in a flat and round side. In wicker hampers, the rounded side is placed on the exterior while the flat faces the inside. Aligning with eco-conscious practices, this maximises the use of each willow stem and contributes to a resource-efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing process. 

Equally eco-friendly are our FSC and PEFC certified shredded ZigZag papers. Now available in ivory, daffodil, lavender and gold, these shreds are also reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. This aesthetic and sustainable void fill pairs perfectly with hampers, gift bags, boxes and more. 

Not too sure on how much shredded paper you need per hamper? Check out our table below. 

How much shredded paper do I need to put in a hamper?

Based on half filling, a single box of our shredded paper products can fill the following amount of hampers: 

Hamper size Hamper dimensions Shredded tissue (1 x 6kg carton) Shredpak (1 x 10kg carton) ZigZag (1 x 10kg carton)
14 Inch 360 x 270 x 160 mm 109 hampers filled 100 hampers filled 63 hampers filled
16 Inch 405 x 305 x 205 mm 67 hampers filled 61 hampers filled 39 hampers filled
20 Inch 510 x 380 x 255 mm 34 hampers filled 31 hampers filled 20 hampers filled

Luxury and sustainability can co-exist in a world of growing conscious consumerism - our gift packaging range proves it!

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