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We offer an extensive range of high-quality tapes for different applications, along with an environmental range

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 23rd January 2020

A wide selection of carriers (tape material) and adhesive are available as well as a custom print and coloured tape range.

Carrier (tape material)

Polypropylene is strong, durable and tear-resistant

PVC/Vinyl offers great elasticity and can withstand the pressure exerted by the weight of heavier loads. It is tear and burst resistant, with high tack properties and perfect for use in a variety of temperatures, including extreme.

Paper is fully recyclable if not reinforced and depending on the adhesive it can form one of the strongest bonds



Offers exceptional adhesion strength, flexibility, and a quick, high initial tack. It performs well in varying applications and is advised to be used in temperatures +15 to +65°C.


Resistant to aging, weathering, sunlight and discoloration, acrylic tape offers excellent clarity and has a long-lasting holding power making it ideal for long term use. Suitable for a range of applications and in temperatures 0 °C to +65 °C.


Quickly forms a strong, lasting bond and is commonly used for carton sealing, being particularly useful in extreme temperatures -25 to +50°C and in high humidity and damp conditions. It is commonly used for a variety of applications and is reliable for long term sealing.


Natural adhesive that is incredibly strong and allows the box fibres to bond with the paper tape, to create a seal that is virtually impossible to tear off once applied.

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

23rd January • 2020