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Your New Kite Online Account

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 09th October 2013

How to Manage the 'My Account' Section of the New Kite Website

Hi All,

Last week we excitedly launched the new website design which, as well as looking fresher and cleaner, incorporated new search tools and interactive features to enhance your customer experience and make placing an order easier. At Kite, we understand that ordering packaging isn't ever going to be hugely exciting, and that's why we've designed the new site around getting your order processed as quickly as possible - functionality has been at the forefront of our minds. In last Wednesday's post we took you through the new features the site had included, such as intelligent search and improved conversion tools. Today, we'll be looking at an important aspect of the website - the 'My Account' section. This section has always existed, however is now much more easily accessible and designed to help you manage your orders as best as possible.

Kite Packaging

See below for our full guide of how to best use and manage your Kite online account. If you have any questions please do get in touch on Twitter - @kitepackaging

Registering and Login

To place an order on the Kite website you need to register as a member. We've made this process as painless as possible with a quick and simple registration process. Simply click on the 'My Account' tab and select 'Log In'. If you are an existing customer all you need to do is enter your email and password in the left-hand column and wha-la! If you haven't yet registered, click on the 'Click to Register' button and you'll be taken through a simple process that merely requests your email address, password and billing/delivery address. There is no need to confirm your email afterwards, the system will automatically log you in once you've filled in your correct details.

Now that you have logged in, you can change your details at any time. Simply click on the 'Email and password' tab to change these details, and 'My Addresses' to edit your billing and delivery address. Remember to click the 'Update' button when you're done.

If you ever forget your password, simply select 'Forgotten Password' under the login menu and we'll send you an email with a password to login, all your account information will be saved.

Credit Accounts

We offer credit accounts to all business customers, which is particularly handy if you prefer to pay for all supplies on a monthly basis through accounts or do not wish to pre-pay on a personal or business credit card. This function allows you to place orders through the website and be invoiced on a regular basis. This helps with budgeting and allows you to track your overheads with ease.

To apply for a credit account, simply login to your account and click on the red button labelled 'Apply For A Credit Account'. This will take you through a 5 step process which shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes. It will ask for your company information and basic details about yourself to establish enough data to complete a credit check. Once you've completed your application, our credit control team will run a credit check against your company. Therefore you must be a registered UK company and have filed your accounts for at least a year. You will receive an email shortly after applying to let you know whether the application has been approved, once you have signed the legal agreement you are up and running with your very own Kite Credit Account!

Order History

Quick Order

By clicking on the 'View My Orders' tab you can see the full list of any past orders you have placed with Kite, in date order. If you regularly order the same products then this tool is a fantastic way to speed up the purchase process. You can simply click on the 'add to basket' button and your full past order will be placed in your basket. Not only is this a great way to increase buying efficiency but it also adds some structure to the process. You will know exactly how much you are spending each time you order and how often the same order needs to be replaced.

As well as this tool, we also offer a 'Quick Order' option, when you click on this tab it will automatically generate the most popular products you order - much like when you do an online grocery shop. You can then select each item individually, enter the number of products you want and see how much it will cost by clicking 'Calculate Prices'. This will generate the total cost, as well as the price per pack and even indicate where you could save money by going up in quantity and taking advantage of our bulk discounts. Simply 'Add to Basket' to complete the order - all done without having to go in to any product categories!

Calculate Packaging Waste

Packaging Waste

You may be aware we run a compliance scheme to help businesses register and comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations. These Regulations hold UK companies accountable for any packaging that comes through their supply chain and places a tax on them. One of the key parts of this registration process is establishing how much packaging has come through your business for the year. If you buy the majority of your packaging through Kite, by clicking on the 'Packaging Regulations' tab you can gather all this information in a couple of clicks. Simply enter the dates you would like to run the report from and our system will generate a full report of all the packaging you have bought through us in that time period. The Packaging Waste Regulations stipulate all packaging must be reported in KG weight and by material (wood, glass, aluminium, steel, paper, plastic and other). Our report will generate your packaging information so that it is already weighed in Kg and is separated in to the material categories.

To find out more about the Packaging Waste Regulations click here

Happy Surfing!

We hope this post gave you all the information you needed to be able to navigate your account and make the order process much simpler for you and your business. If you have any problems please don't hesitate to get in touch either through our social channels or via email -

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

09th October • 2013