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  • Silica gel sachets used to absorb water and moisture in products
  • Prevent moisture damage and corrosion, used for a range of industries including fashion
  • Available in a range of sachet sizes to suit various product dimensions
  • For a well sealed item we recommend:
    - 5 grams for every cubic foot of volume
    - 170 grams per cubic metre of volume
  • Our silica gel varies - you may receive it with or without writing
  • Click here to download silica gel safety sheet

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Silica gel

Atmospheric moisture and adverse weather conditions can cause transit damage to commercial items should they not be packaged well enough. Items that are particularly susceptible to aesthetic and/or physical moisture damage include optical equipment, electrical goods and items of clothing. The addition of a desiccant – such as silica gel – to packages, however, can help to maintain the high quality of items prepared for delivery or placed into storage.

Silica gel absorbs unwanted moisture from parcels and containers before it has a chance to impact the goods within with rust or corrosion damage. Even when wet, our silica gel packs remain dry and free flowing, meaning they are a reliable solution.

The required size of the desiccant silica packet will very much depend on the chosen application. It is recommended that:

  • 5 grams of silica gel is used per cubic foot of volume and
  • 170 grams is used per cubic metre of volume.

For more information on our silica gel, please refer to our PDF document: Silica gel technical specification sheet

Container desiccant

Kite’s container desiccant is specially designed to be used in a shipping container, with a hook attached for ease of use. Being made from calcium chloride rather than silica gel the container desiccant is much more effective over longer periods of time and can absorb up to 600% of its own weight.

For shipping containers we recommend:

  • 20 foot container – 10 pieces
  • 40 foot container – 20 pieces
Environment Indicating silica gel Molecular sieve Clay Silica gel
Low humidity Fair Excellent Good Fair
High humidity Excellent Good Good Excellent
Low temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
High temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
Maximum temperature (degrees celcius) 104 232 49 104