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Solid board edge protection

Solid board edge protection

What is a solid board edge protector?

Edge packaging offers extra reinforcement to the most vulnerable area of a product, guarding against scratches, marks and other kinds of damage. Heavy objects such as tables, mirrors or large picture frames can easily become dented at the edges due to the sheer force of the item’s weight. Therefore, Kite supplies three sturdy solid board styles of edge protection in an array of sizes to suit different shaped products and prevent the inevitable movement of goods during transit from inflicting damage to your goods.

Which edge protector do I need?

For straight edges, either the standard or self-adhesive solid board edge shields are the perfect solution. Within the standard category, you can also purchase corner edge protectors for complete protection against each external area most susceptible to impact. The self-adhesive edge guards use a long-lasting hotmelt solution to provide additional security and reassurance when posting out your fragile, heavy or otherwise awkward goods. Finally, for the rounded edges of a chair or circular home décor item, there is no postal packaging more suitable than our curved solid board edge protection. The toothed construction grants the robust solid board an impressive level of flexibility to fit the curvature of most products. All varieties are versatile packaging products that are indispensable for industries dispatching large breakable items.

Is solid board environmentally friendly?

Solid board is comprised of compressed recycled cardboard which creates a very dense material capable of granting long-lasting, effective fortification to products. In addition to its strength, it is also sustainable by being formed from recycled resource and able to be recycled again after use. As such, this solid board edge protection packaging demonstrates a smooth running of a circular economy. Historically, polystyrene has been the only available cushioning for sharp edges or angular products, yet this range of products offers an eco-friendly alternative. By opting for sustainable packaging, your brand can proudly display green credentials throughout your marketing and generally appeal to the modern market of today.