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Corner and edge protection

Corner & edge protection

Edge protectors have a host of uses from reinforcing and protecting palletised loads, providing internal reinforcement to boxes and cartons to protecting edges of a range of goods, including even the most fragile.

Board edge protection

Cardboard edge protectors are frequently used to stabilise, reinforce and protect pallet loads during storage and transit. Board edge and corner protectors brace and further protect palletised goods from strapping and or shrink wrap.

Manufactured from compressed recycled cardboard, our board edge protectors are an economical way to reinforce cardboard boxes and cartons to help protect fragile consignments. Cardboard edges can be used time and time again and recycled when they are past their best.

Foam edge protection

Due to their versatility, foam edge protection products have a host of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. As leading UK suppliers of foam edging, Kite Packaging stock all shapes and sizes of foam edge protectors from L-shaped and U-channel foam edge protectors, to round cut foam.

Manufactured from PE foam, foam U-channel provides superior temporary edge protection to items such as picture frames, glass, mirrors or metal sheeting. Supplied in 2 metre lengths, the foam protector can easily be bent around square edges for maximum protection. Foam corner protectors and L-shaped edge protection foam is commonly used to provide temporary edge protection to furniture, white goods, electricals, racking - the list is endless.

We also supply more specific protection products, such as shock absorption foam protection for use with sensitive products like computers and electronic devices, foam screen protection coils designed for the protection of windscreens, and InstaPak Quick RT foam cushioning (see foam protection) - a self-expanding foam in a bag that can be moulded to protect even the most fragile of items.

Mesh sleeving

Mesh sleeving provides protection to awkward shapes such as engineering components, and easily damaged items such as bottles, ceramics, and glassware. Resistant to acids, solvents, oil and grease, our protective sleeving hugs the corners and curves of irregularly shaped objects whilst still allowing products to breathe.

Supplied on rolls, this low cost and quick to apply protective sleeving is available in an array of colours and sizes enabling you to find the perfect fit. Manufactured from polyethylene, mesh sleeving can be used again and again.

Net foam

Ideal for cylindrical items, net foam has a sleeve-like design that simply slips over goods as a protective barrier. It is made from 1mm thick foam and can be used time and time again for goods such as glass bottles, furniture, metal and ceramic items. Choose from half and full bottle sizes.

Strapping edge protectors

Pallets and other loads can get bent, torn, and dented when strapping is applied too tight or incorrectly. Our strapping egde protectors are designed to eliminate damaged, by lying underneath strapping, on the corner of loads. The application is simple, place the protector on the edges of the product, apply strapping and tighten.