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Mini Air machine parts and accessories

Mini Air machine parts and accessories

Each of our Mini Air machines are built to last for a long time, but occasionally spare parts will need replacing. Our range of spare parts can be fitted in minutes and for the Mini Air Easi and the Mini Air Classic this can be done by the user and does not require a specialist engineer.

Mini Air Easi – Teflon strips, rollers, blades and heating wheels

Mini Air Classic – Spare belts, spare blades and roller set

Mini Air Pro - Teflon strip, silicone roller, spare blades and heating wheel

Our Mini Air Classic also comes with a range of accessories. These accessories support in increased efficiency and enable you to make a complete system for your operation.

Mini Air Classic

Stand – Free up space on your workbench

Foot pedal – For easy hand free-operation

Mobile filler unit – To store inflated wrapper and film and easily transport around operation

Mini Air sensor - To use with the filler unit so the machine automatically stops when full

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Mini Air spare parts and accessories.