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  • We sell a range of accessories and spare parts that are designed to work with the Mini Air classic machine
  • Replacement parts for the Classic Mini Air models include: spare belt set, spare blade, roller set
  • Mini Air accessories for all models include: stand, mobile filler unit & foot pedal
  • Please check your machine serial number, located on the sticker at the side, before purchasing spare parts
  • View our Mini Air machine page

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Mini Air classic consumable parts

The Mini Air machine is built to last, but consumable parts occasionally need replacing. We can provide spare blades, belts and rollers, all of which can easily be fitted in minutes.

The videos below show how to easily change some of these parts, including drive belts and blades. Please check the model of your Mini Air classic machine before purchasing parts. You can locate your serial number at the side of the machine, starting with 'MA'. If you have any questions regarding this, give our friendly customer service team a call.

Mini Air Classic accessories

We sell a range of accessories that are designed to work with the Mini Air machine. See below for the range we stock.

Mini Air mobile filler unit - 920 x 630 x 1500 mm:

The Mini Air mobile filler unit is an air cushion storage and supply application. The system works alongside our Mini Air machine, which produces cushions continuously into the mobile filler to provide on-demand cushions for packing benches.

The machine can be set up with a 2-way sensor which will stop the machine producing cushions once the mobile filler unit is full. Alternatively, the machine can be pre-set to run a certain meterage to fill the unit or can be operated with a foot pedal option.

The unit comes with a built-in ‘letterbox’, the air cushions are fed through this and can be torn off when required by the user.

This unit is a great space saver and can easily be moved to different locations and integrated into to any pack location.

Floor stand:

The Mini Air floor stand is the ideal solution when trying to free up space is a busy operation. It is secured on rubber feet, therefore making it easy to move to different locations if necessary. If required it can also be screwed to the floor so that it is held in position. For a hand-free operation, users can integrate a foot pedal.

Foot pedal:

Kite’s foot pedal is the perfect addition to run a hands-free operation. In a busy packing environment, it gives users the freedom to run the Mini Air machine via foot whilst not having to stop the process of packing.

Video: Changing the drive belts on the Mini Air machine

Replacing the belts on the Mini Air machine is quick and easy, watch our demonstration of how to do this. Parts and tools are included with the machine.

Video: Changing the blade on the Mini Air machine

Watch an easy-to-follow demonstration of how to replace the blade on the Mini Air machine. Parts and tools are included in the box.

Video: Mini Air swivel stand and hopper demonstration

Our handy swivel stand can be mounted on the side of a desk or workbench and our box hopper features a sensor switch.

Video: Mini Air Accessories

A demonstration on our Mini Air Mobile Trolley, Foot Pedal and Optical Sensor.