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  • Versatile L-shaped foam protection for corners and edges
  • Hugely popular in large packing operations, to provide corner protection for pallets
  • Rigid material to protect sharp edges and stabilise goods
  • Cost-effective and quick way to protect products, supplied in 2 metre lengths
  • Dimensions:
      A = L-profile length
      B = L-profile width

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L-profile foam protection

L-profile foam is the most cost-effective and versatile protection on the market. Used in a variety of industries, but particularly for fulfilment industries and warehousing, to stabilise and protect edges of pallets, or loads in transit. It also provides protection for worktops and furniture edges.

Manufactured using a non-scratch foam material, L profiles are more rigid than similar foam products, to help maintain the structure of a box or pallet; however, they can still be cut to size easily.

L-profile foam protection can be a direct replacement for block and brace void fill, including solid board protection, bubble wrap, paper and air cushions.

*Please note that our L-profile foam protection is not fire-rated.

Our range of L-profile foam protection

There are two sizes in the L-profile range, to accommodate really narrow and much wider edges. As standard industry practice the foam is supplied in two-metre lengths; however, it is commonplace for these to be cut prior to use or at the point of dispatch.

The range offers a number of different benefits, and for customers using the L-profile design for products in transit they can feel confident with our high standard of quality. The low-density polyethylene is incredibly good at absorbing shock, and is water and temperature resistant (from -40C to +100C).

For customers using L-profiles for packaging furniture and more delicate items, the foam is non-scratch so won’t damage polished surfaces. It is also 100% recyclable and chemically neutral, making packaging high value and fragile products more environmentally friendly.


L-profile foam is measured by its two widths – the length of the ‘L’ shape (A) and the width of its ‘L’ shape (B). This determines how wide the profile will be, and what edge it is best suited for. 50mm is 6mm thick, 75mm is 10mm thick.

Video: L-profile edge protection
Watch a demonstration on our L profile edge protection range and application

Kite's range of L-profile foam protection is supplied in two metre strips.

Two different widths are available, to acommodate most edges.

L-profiles are an effective way of protecting the edges of furniture.

They can be easily cut to any length to suit your product.

L-profile foam is also a preferred method of block and brace inside boxes.

Place your item inside the cardboard box first, then use L-profile strips at each corner. This will help cushion the product during transit.

L-profile foam can also be used in conjunction with mini stretch film, to keep the foam in place during transit. Simply place the foam on the edge of the item, and wrap stretch film around it several times to keep it secure.