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  • Made from compressed recycled cardboard
  • Protects goods during transit and storage
  • Reinforces boxes and cartons
  • Economical, reusable and recyclable
  • 3mm thick & brown in colour
  • 1800mm and 2000mm sizes feature recycled logos on the outside panels

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If you own a business seeking a low-cost way to protect the edges of goods for transit and/or storage then this cardboard variety is ideal. Not only can these protectors be employed to guard the edges of white goods such as dishwashers and washing machines but they can also be used to reinforce and brace pallet structures (see demonstrative video to the bottom of this page) and the corners of corrugated boxes.

These edge protectors offer two key benefits:

Environmentally friendly

Our cardboard edge protectors are manufactured from compressed recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to foam edge protection.


Solid board edge protectors are a low cost yet strong packaging material as they are made from compressed recycled cardboard. This also allows you to re-use them time after time.