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Supplier payment and dispute resolution guide


Default Payment Terms

Except where different payment terms have been agreed in writing with a supplier, Kite Packaging will pay authorised invoices on a “net EOM 60 day basis”. This means that invoices will be paid 60 days from the end of the month of invoice during which the products are delivered or services provided (i.e. an invoice dated in August would be paid in early November). Products delivered or services provided after the 25th of the month may be treated as received in the following month.

Other payment terms submitted by a supplier, printed on an invoice or on a separate document do not supersede the Kite Packaging Default Payment Terms unless an authorised representative of Kite Packaging has agreed to those terms in writing, evidenced by their signature and date.

These requirements are in addition to any other conditions contained in any separate agreement between a supplier and Kite Packaging which have to be fulfilled prior to payment.

To allow prompt payment and reduce the risk of invoice rejections:

  • payments made direct to bank accounts will be made to the bank account details held by Kite Packaging for the supplier. Suppliers should notify any bank details and changes to those details (in writing, on company letterhead and signed by a director /partner /proprietor), allowing up to four weeks for them to take effect.
  • the invoice should be in English, addressed to Kite Packaging Limited and sent to the correct address: Accounts Payable, Kite Packaging Limited, 186 Torrington Avenue, Coventry, CV4 9AJ. Alternatively, we accept electronic copies of invoices to:
  • purchase order numbers and a valid Kite Packaging contact name should be quoted clearly on the first page of the invoice.
  • invoices should reflect the purchase order (i.e. state the goods and services in a similar format – quantity, price per unit, total price per line), and should include:
    1. the full name of the suppliers business entity and its registered number (by law for suppliers registered in EU)
    2. the registered office of the company or an address where any legal documents can be delivered (by law for suppliers registered in the EU)
    3. a unique invoice number
    4. the supplier’s VAT registration number (if applicable)
    5. Kite Packaging’s name and address (see above)
    6. date of invoice and date of supply of goods or services if different
    7. a suitable description to identify the supply of goods or services
    8. the quantity and unit price of any goods or services – excluding VAT
    9. the rate of VAT (including zero and exempt) per item if there is a mix of supplies
    10. any applicable discounts
    11. the total amount payable excluding VAT
    12. the total VAT payable
    13. the total invoice amount payable

Dispute Resolution Process

If there is a separate agreement between the supplier and Kite Packaging relating to the supply of the goods or services to which an invoice relates, disputes relating to the invoice will be treated as a dispute arising under that agreement. Where there is no separate agreement, disputes shall be dealt with according to Kite Packaging standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

Kite Packaging reserves the right to withhold payment of disputed amounts pending resolution. However, Kite Packaging values its long-term relationships with suppliers and endeavours to settle any invoicing disputes quickly.

In the first instance, any dispute should be settled between the Kite Packaging representative who placed the order, and an authorised person for the supplier. If, after 14 days, the dispute is unresolved, the supplier can re-direct the dispute by emailing the Accounts Payable Team on with a copy of the invoice, a summary of the issue(s) and correspondence to date in respect of the dispute. The Accounts Payable Team will escalate the information within Kite Packaging to facilitate resolution where possible.

Kite Packaging - Supplier payment and dispute resolution guide 2018(1)