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Speedman Classic Paper Dispensing System

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  • High quality paper dispensing system.
  • Simple to use – no training required.
  • Compact, maintenance free design.
  • Designed to make roll changes quick.
  • Dispenses high quality 70gsm fully recycled paper.
  • Dispensers are supplied at a low cost rental fee. Click here for details.


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SpeedMan Classic Dispenser

Description Rolls Per Pack Price Per Roll Quantity Enter No. Of Rolls
Rental Fee: Speedman Classic Dispenser With Floor Stand Dispenser With Floor Stand
(Dispenser only compatible with Paper rolls in table below)
Includes a SpeedMan Classic dispenser & a mobile floor stand
1 £39.99
One Off Rental Fee
Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Rental Fee: Speedman Classic Dispenser With Bench Clamp Dispenser With Bench Clamp
(Dispenser only compatible with Paper rolls in table below)
Includes a SpeedMan Classic dispenser & a clamp to secure to a work surface
1 £39.99
One Off Rental Fee
Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

Speedman Classic Paper Rolls

Description Rolls Per Pack Price Per Roll Quantity Enter No. Of Rolls
Speedman Classic Paper Roll 70gsm 350mm x 450m - Pack Of 11 Rolls 70gsm Paper

350mm x 450m
11 £27.71 £25.30 £22.71 Remove 11 unitsAdd 11 units

The SpeedMan Classic can be used practically anywhere as it does not require power, making it the perfect solution for low to medium volume users requiring reliable and cost effective in-the-box protection for their products.

The system dispenses high quality paper to be used as void-fill, ‘in-the-box’ packaging, offering great protection for items being transported by courier or in the post. The paper is 100% recycled and is even a winner of the Blue Angel award for being especially environmentally friendly. This is a highly cost effective, simple and efficient system.

The SpeedMan Classic is supplied upon payment of the one-off rental charge of £39.99, applied when you add the system to your shopping basket. An rental agreement form will be sent to you covering all aspects of the rental. Once we receive back the signed agreement from you, your order will be processed for dispatch.

Favoured by a wide variety of companies where picking, packing and despatching are a critical part of the business operation, this simple to operate machine is easily loaded by simply loading the paper into the top, adjusting the machine to sit at the required angle and pulling the paper through the teethed hole, to create the perfect low cost void fill solution.

This machine is designed to be highly efficient due to its simple roll loading of the paper material. Available with a range of different stand options, the SpeedMan Classic can either be mounted to a table using the table stand or if you require a mobile option it can be used with our rolling floor stand. Both stand options allow the SpeedMan Classic to be easily transferable around pick and pack operations.

SpeedMan systems – Terms & Conditions

Kite agrees, upon completion of an order by the customer, to rent off SpeedMan Classic System (“the equipment”) to the Customer.

Kite agrees to ensure that the Equipment is maintained at Kite’s cost for wear and tear but not damage caused by misuse.


  • The Customer accepts that ownership of the Equipment remains with Kite
  • The Customer agrees to only use Equipment Consumables supplied by Kite for the Equipment
  • If Kite deems that the customer has ceased to purchase Equipment Consumables for use on the SpeedMan Classic unit, Kite reserves the right to collect the machine from The Customer.

Rental Fee

  • A rental charge of £39.99 per SpeedMan Classic Unit will be invoiced by Kite on dispatch to the Customer.

The Customer agrees:

  • Not to move the Equipment away from the Site Address;
  • Not to make any changes or modifications to the Equipment;
  • To only use the Equipment in accordance with Kite’s instructions and procedures;
  • To maintain and look after the Equipment in a proper manner;
  • To keep the Equipment insured for the Insurance Value (£225.00) against damage or loss for any cause;
  • That Kite will, from time to time, need access to the Equipment for servicing and maintenance.
  • That Kite’s Standard Terms & Conditions apply.
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Paper Dispensing System

The Speedman Classic is a manual paper dispensing system that dispenses high quality paper used for protective void fill.

This system is an ideal solution for low to medium volume packing operations, and provides a protective and environmentally friendly packing option.