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  • Shredded paper for internal protection
  • Reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and FSC and PEFC certified
  • Aesthetically pleasing for presentation packing
  • Use in addition with our ecommerce boxes
  • Available in kraft, black and white

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Shredded paper

What is shredded paper?

Shredded paper is the perfect void fill solution for not only protecting items but also as an added aesthetic for boxes, gift bags, baskets, hampers and more. Available in 3 different colour options, kraft (produced from 100% recycled materials), black and white, this smooth and uncoated 70-80gsm paper is a 4mm wide zig-zag shape that interlocks holding the items in place. Due to the nature of its small size, it works its way into every corner filling small gaps and providing your items with more cushioning, preventing them from breaking in transit. The design of the paper means you can grab and pack, without having to fluff up beforehand and it is also industrially dust-extracted therefore reducing the dusty mess often associated with other alternatives.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes, our shredded paper is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable therefore allowing you to maintain your green credentials and demonstrate the environmental responsibilities to your customers. It is also FSC and PEFC certified. Shredded paper is commonly collected with household recycling collections by local councils, if this is not the case check your council’s website for more advice. Our kraft shredded paper is made from 100% recycled materials.

Is it good for protection?

It is a great high-quality alternative to many void fill solutions and great cushioning for fragile products with good holding power. Whether you are placing items on top for slight cushioning or placing inside for protection, our crinkle cut shredded paper is suitable to use with items of any weight as void fill for packing and posting, or for adding a little extra something to your hampers and gift sets.

What is shredded paper used for?

Commonly used in retail, beauty, homewares, gifts, hampers and much more, where presentation and a high-quality image are important, or protective cushioning paper is required. Not only will your customers think it looks great, but they can also either reuse it or easily recycle it.

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Shredded paper

Shredded paper