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  • 100% paper 100% recyclable
  • More protective than traditional plastic bubble lined mailers
  • Paper honeycomb barrier provides cushioning and thermal protection
  • Eco-friendly paper alternative to plastic bubble mailers
  • Peel-and-seal strip makes for hassle-free, plastic-free closures
  • Lightweight, keeping shipping costs to a minimum
  • Please note there is a manufacturing tolerance of +/-8mm

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Kite enviro mailers

Kite enviro mailers are the epitome of eco-friendly, protective packaging designed to revolutionise the way businesses ship their goods. Their slit-expanded honeycomb structured layer creates a thermal barrier which provides a cushioning effect, offering maximised protection to goods during handling and transit. These paper padded envelopes are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble-padded bags, offering that extra layer of protection beyond standard paper or polythene mailers.

Available in four sizes, our enviro mailers are ideal for shipping orders of different sizes, providing a great fit for various items.

What is honeycomb paper? 

Honeycomb paper, also known as honeycomb cardboard or hexacomb, is a lightweight yet strong material made of paper or cardboard. Its name comes from the structure of the paper which resembles a honeycomb, with hexagonal cells which create strong and durable packaging materials. 

What are the benefits of using honeycomb paper mailers?

Kite enviro mailers feature a smart design with one layer of honeycomb paper sandwiched between three layers of kraft paper, providing an impressive twelve hours of thermal protection for cold chain requirements. So, whether you’re shipping temperature-sensitive items or ensuring the quality of your goods as they travel through and during varying climates, these mailers have got you covered.

The peel-and-seal strip provides quick, efficient and hassle-free closures so there is no need for additional adhesives or time-consuming processes – just peel, seal, and your package is ready to go. Ecommerce-ready packaging like our Kite enviro mailers can help with streamlining workflows for faster order fulfilment and improved operational efficiencies while maintaining affordability.

Incredibly lightweight, these postal envelopes provide the same benefit as bubble mailers and will not add to postage costs, keeping shipping costs to a minimum. This feature makes them a cost-effective choice without compromising on the integrity of your packaging.

Are honeycomb paper mailers eco-friendly?

As the name suggests – yes, they are an eco-friendly alternative to bubble mailers!

Manufactured wholly from paper, these mailers provide a sustainable means for shipping items without sacrificing any of the quality protection bubble mailers provide. They contain 70% recycled content and are 100% kerbside recyclable, allowing for easy recycling by end users and reducing the negative environmental impact of your business.

While the hot melt adhesive used for the peel-and-seal strip ensures high quality seals, it also offers eco-benefits thanks to being free of solvents and biodegradable, reducing the overall impact of using adhesives in packaging.

Our Kite enviro mailers are water resistant whilst being free of plastic coatings which not only reduces the weight of the packaging, but also minimises the negative environmental impact associated with plastic.

Not to mention that as an environmentally friendly cold chain solution, these mailers contribute to reducing the carbon footprint associated with temperature-controlled shipping, aligning with eco-friendly practices while safeguarding your products.

What is the most eco-friendly mailer material?

Mailing envelopes made from recycled paper are a popular choice as they reduce the demand for virgin paper and can be recycled again after use. Our enviro mailers are manufactured with 70% recycled content and are widely kerbside recyclable, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining product safety. 

What items can be packaged inside eco padded envelopes?

Eco padded envelopes like our Kite enviro mailers are a versatile solution for packaging various items, including textiles, books, electronic accessories, jewellery, health and wellness products, small gifts and trinkets, and much more. They offer a reliable choice for businesses looking for efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.