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  • 100% recyclable paper padded envelope
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to bubble lined envelopes
  • Effective corrugated fluting to act as a layer of cushioning in transit
  • White in colour with a range of sizes to choose from
  • All sizes feature a secure peel-&-seal strip
  • Subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/-5%

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What is a padded paper envelope?

Our paper padded envelopes are an environmentally conscious alternative to the industry standard shipping envelope. With no compromises made on strength or durability, you can be assured that our paper padded mailers are a safe and secure mailing solution. These eco-friendly padded envelopes are perfect for those who require a padded envelope that is not bubble lined in order to avoid using plastic. Plastic is a heavy burden on the planet and the planet’s ecosystems; particularly our oceans. These envelopes, however, are a great value, general use mailer for postal or transit purposes and make a useful addition for any packing station across a range of industries.

All of the sizes in our sustainable padded envelope range adhere to Royal Mail's PiP guidelines, and you can find out what each size adheres to within the product table. With a range of 5 sizes to choose from, your business can find the right size enviro padded bag for your operation.

Can padded envelopes be recycled?

Thanks to their paper outer and inner, these padded envelopes are 100% recyclable. With fully recyclable corrugated mailers, your business can keep its plastic usage to a minimum. By recycling your packaging at the end of its use, it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, hence making a positive and meaningful impact on our environmental situation. Each paper envelope has a 100gsm outer and 55gsm inner.

What are the best padded paper envelopes?

When looking to ship or transport an item you would, typically, make use of the bubble envelopes known commonly as Jiffy or Mail Lite bags. The main problem with Jiffy bags is that the internal cushioning material is often made from plastic wrap. Although this provides an adequate level of protection and cushioning to your valuables, it is not environmentally friendly. This is where our paper padded envelopes outperform the traditional bubble lined envelope.

The corrugated paper padded inner of these envelopes provides an effective level of cushioning to guard the contents against impacts. The streamlined construction increases this protection further by closely hugging the products, minimising their likelihood of moving within the package and potentially sustaining damage. This fluting is also lightweight, cutting postal costs.

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See our range of paper-lined padded eco-friendly envelopes

Our white paper padded envelopes are the perfect alternative to plastic bubble lined mailers. Each size is manufactured from paper, meaning they are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Ensure your goods arrive at their destination in the same way they were sent by securing with strong peel-&-seal strip. Constructed with paper fluting inside the envelope, these mailers cushion products throughout the transit process. Keep your plastic usage to a minimum with these eco-friendly padded envelopes.