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  • Fits the curvature of rounded products
  • Offers robust reinforcement to curved edges
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Strong solid board material
  • Available in 2 sizes

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What is a curved edge protector?

Our curved edge protectors arrive as straightened strips and feature a toothed configuration that grants the solid board the flexibility to bend around a range of circular or cylindrical objects. This intelligent design provides versatility through adapting to fit various different circumferences while the length can be customised by simply cutting the packaging to size. The non-toothed portion lays directly on the edge of the product and the toothed section sits either above or below with the triangular tabs pointing toward the centre.

Can solid board be recycled?

These solid board protective layers are widely recyclable kerbside in addition to being made from 100% recycled paper, making them a superbly eco-friendly packaging option for furniture or décor retailers. However, the strength of the edge reinforcements equips them well for reuse if applicable: for example, if moving or storing objects internally within a warehouse. This extends the lifespan of the material further, reducing waste and conserving resources.

How do I use curved edge protectors?

To defend an edge using a curved card protector, position the straight side along the edge, aligning the shape of the product’s corner with the fold present in the solid board. Allow the other side to fan out in accordance to the curvature of the item being packaged so that the solution bends to fit flush against the product. This curved fixture ensures an excellent standard of protection and a securely attached protector without gapping and the chance of movement against the object. The ends of the packaging can be secured with one of our packing tapes for added security.

Why should I use curved edge protectors?

Edge guards protect the areas most likely to suffer damage during transit as a result of knocks and bumps. The edges are the most external area of a product responsible for holding the structure and integrity of the whole. The angled solid board of Kite’s curved edge protectors is extremely durable and rigid, instilling long-lasting strength into a package, reliably shielding against damage. At Kite, we supply a range of cardboard sheets or dividers that cater toward the largest surface areas, though edges can be more challenging to protect when packaging larger products. For example, the rim of a round table or stool would certainly require reinforced edge protection in order to maintain the material and ensure a pristine condition on arrival. Heavy barrels of produce will similarly benefit from extra strength given to the top and base edges which could otherwise be subject to denting.