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  • 100% recycled solid board
  • Peel & seal strong adhesive on one side
  • Right-angled edge protector
  • Offers professional protection to large frames, mirrors or other objects
  • Available in three sizes

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What is an edge protector?

These rigid solid board brackets adhere to the edge of a product for reinforcement and protection. The most external areas of objects are the most vulnerable to knocks, bumps and subsequent damages, thus necessitating extra precautions when packaging. Additionally, any particularly sharp edges could penetrate through lighter forms of packaging whereas this strong shielding layer will reliably contain even heavy products.

Is solid board environmentally friendly?

Kite’s self-adhesive edge protectors are comprised of solid board that is 100% recycled and able to be recycled again after use. This illustrates an almost impeccable running of a circular economy, making this industrial packaging exceptionally sustainable and eco-friendly. The recycled particles are densely packed to create the stiff, robust structure of the protector, combining ultimate practicality with excellent green credentials.

What is an edge protector for?

Large items with distinct, angled edges will require durable covers to prevent the weight of the item putting considerable force on and damaging these edges during transit. These areas can also be the first places to suffer scratches if not suitably protected. Furniture items, large mirrors or frames are perfect examples of products where edge protectors prove invaluable for the safe transportation of goods. Available in very large sizes of up to 2m long, even long cupboard units, for example, could be capably shielded from damage with these edge guards.

What type of adhesive is used?

The adhesive used by the edge protectors is a hotmelt solution balancing long-lasting sticking power with an easy removal that does not leave residue on the product. The packaging arrives with a paper peel-and-seal strip that, once removed, reveals a ready to use self-adhesive.