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  • Adds strong reinforcement to corners or edges
  • Offers expert protection to furniture, frames, boxes or cartons
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Compressed solid board material
  • Corner solid board edge protectors have a locked corner design for quick, effective assembly

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What is an edge protector?

Broadly speaking, an edge protector fits directly onto the outer edge of a product to reinforce that vulnerable area. Different varieties are available to adapt to specific shapes and angles, for example, our curved protector and self-adhesive versions, in addition to the corner packaging we supply. These items are economical ways of adding considerable strength to the sides most prone to damage during transit.

What is a corner edge protector?

This edge protector is comprised of a robust solid board with a right-angle curve to mirror the shape of an object’s corner, offering direct fortification to that area. Kite’s design has a locked tab feature that allows the protector to be straightened out for nestable space conservation and quickly assembled into its angled configuration when in use. The tab simply slots into the corresponding gap opposite.

How do I use a corner protector?

These angled edge protectors are extremely easy to use. Once the lock feature has been utilised by bending the packaging at the centre to interlock the tabs, the user can position them over the corner of their product. To ensure that these solid board protectors stay in place, packing tape can be used at either end of the edge shields. Through packaging angled items in this way, the most vulnerable, external points of the object are guarded against the collisions which are inevitable during transit, helping a package to arrive in the best possible condition.

Can you recycle solid board packaging?

Not only are these solid cardboard edge covers widely kerbside recyclable, but they also are made from 100% recycled paper. These fragments are densely packed during manufacture to create the highly durable end product that is complete with outstanding green credentials. Solid board protectors are sustainable alternatives to polystyrene versions, suiting the environmentally conscious retailer and customer of today who demands conscious packaging.

What is the purpose of an edge protector?

Our corner edge covers and straight edge shields strengthen and protect the part of an object most at risk of being scraped, scratched or broken if coming into direct contact with other objects. These small collisions are unavoidable during transit, necessitating the use of specifically targeted protection. High value or fragile goods such as furniture, frames or mirrors will always require specialised packaging of this kind in order to arrive in the immaculate condition a customer expects. Particularly sharp corners or edges may also be at risk of puncturing other forms of weaker, more general use packaging. These edge protectors, however, are for industrial use and built to withstand high pressure, heavy weights and sharp points.