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  • Heavy duty carton staplers for top and bottom cardboard flaps
  • For general warehousing or post room use
  • Quick and secure closure of cardboard boxes, more efficient than adhesive tape sealing
  • Manual, pneumatic and foot operated staplers available depending on level of use
  • Use wide crown staples 15mm or 18mm, available on the Kite website


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Manual carton top stapler - 15 mm to 18mm staple leg length
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Manual Carton Top Stapler - MAN27
  • Easy to use, hand operated carton stapler
  • For sealing corrugated carton top flaps
  • Four staple depth adjustments
  • For use with 15 or 18mm staples
£77.12 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Pneumatic carton top stapler - 15 mm to 18mm staple leg length
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Pneumatic Carton Top Stapler - AIR27
  • For use with a compressed air supply*
  • Efficient, effortless speed stapling
  • Shaped staple clinchers & depth settings
  • Uses 15 or 18mm staples
£170.32 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

If you have ever tried to staple sheets of thick cardboard together, you will know that regular desk staplers just aren’t up to the task. Businesses then, should invest in a heavy duty carton stapler which has been purpose-designed to handle the tough application of sealing the tops and/or bottoms of boxes, in settings such as warehouses and post rooms.

Using wide crown staples to secure items which must be packed by hand can be much faster than using an adhesive sealing tape. Those with a particular concern for speed can save even more time by investing in our pneumatic top stapler instead of our hand-operated manual variant. Kite Packaging also stocks a treadle operated bottom carton stapler for your convenience.

Should you have any queries regarding one of our box staplers – or any other product in our catalogue – please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Please note: for our pneumatic carton top stapler, the maximum operating pressure is 8KG/cm², the recommended operating pressure is 5-7KG/cm²

We also sell a wide range of staples, please see our Staplers Guide for details of which staples are suitable for each product.