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  • Heavy duty carton staplers for securing top and base flaps
  • We stock both carton top staplers as well as a manual bottom foot-operated stapler
  • Cut down on plastic, no need to use tape
  • For use with our 32/15 and 32/18 staples
  • Please note our pneumatic top stapler requires a compressed air supply

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Carton staplers and box staplers

Unlike a regular stapler, heavy duty carton staplers are designed to staple layers of thick cardboard. A heavy duty carton stapler is designed to handle the tough application of sealing the tops and/or bottoms of boxes, in settings such as warehouse and mailing rooms. Using wide crown staples to secure items which must be packed by hand can be much faster than using an adhesive sealing tape, as well as great for the environment when cutting down on plastic usage. We stock two types of carton stapler: manual/pneumatic top staplers and a manual foot pedal design bottom stapler.

Our manual carton top stapler is quick and simple to use, a cost-effective hand-operated alternative to a pressured stapler. The carton can be sealed by simply placing the stapler onto the flaps, and pulling the lever to release staples and provide a secure and reliable seal. Our pneumatic stapler is ideal for those with speed in mind, is it powered by compressed air (see our air compressor) for a quick and effortless seal. These staplers are ideal for high volume usage in medium to large companies that may require a continuous application. Both of our models use 15 or 18mm staples. See our demonstration videos on how to use both of our carton top staplers.

Our manual bottom stapler has an easy to use, foot-operated design to seal the base flaps of a box. The stapler can be easily assembled and can also be transported to many areas of the workplace if needed. Ideal for a range of companies, its design is easy to use and a speed-effective alternative to tape. This model uses 15 or 18mm staples. See our demonstration video on how to use our manual bottom stapler.

* Please note: for our pneumatic carton top stapler, the maximum operating pressure is 8KG/cm² and the recommended operating pressure is 5-7KG/cm²

We also sell a wide range of staples. Please see our staplers guide for details of which staples are suitable for each product.

Video: Carton top staplers
See our range of carton top staplers and how to use them

We stock two types of carton top stapler: manual and air pressured. Our manual stapler is ideal for small to medium businesses, designed with a lever for a hand-operated seal. Our pneumatic carton top stapler is to be used with a compressed air supply for a quick, efficient seal of boxes. This stapler is mostly suited to those with speed in mind.

Video: Carton bottom stapler
A demonstration on how to use our carton bottom stapler

Our manual bottom carton stapler is designed to seal the bottoms of boxes quickly and effortlessly. It is a foot-operated stapler, simply place the carton into the stapler and use the foot pedal to seal, moving along as you go. This model is quick to assemble and can be moved around the workplace if needed.