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  • Handheld staple guns for a multitude of uses
  • Three types of staplers available: stapling guns, stapling pliers and hammer tackers
  • Can be used on a range of different materials such as cardboard, wood, plastics and much more
  • A range of different strengths for light to heavy duty applications
  • Please refer to our table to see which staples you require with the model

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Staple guns

We stock a range of staplers, ideal for a range of different uses. Our staple guns can be used in many different industries such as roofing, carpentry, packaging, schools and office environments. Our stapling gun models range from light and heavy duty use, meaning we have options for all businesses whatever their size or application. Our standard duty models can be used with our 13/4 & 13/8 staples. Our heavy duty model can be used with just our 13/8 staples.

Our heavy duty, reliable stapling plier is ideal for general warehouse and post room use. These pliers (also often referred to as ‘book staplers’) are perfect for joining many sheets of paper together (up to 70 sheets) and securing together thick corrugated or a stack of mailing bags. Easy to load and use. Our stapling pliers can be used with our 73/12 staples.

Due to its versatile and multi-function use, our hammer tacker can be used in a range of industries. It is ideal for attaching labels/invoices to pallets, attaching polythene/waterproof linings and is also widely used when fitting carpet underlay. Easy to use, quick to load and built with a comfortable hand grip. Hammer tacks can be used with our 140/8 staples.

Video: Stapling demonstration using our staple guns
Staple guns from Kite Packaging are versatile, easy to use tools for stapling a range of materials. See how to load and use them.

Before use or loading, unhook the safety catch from the handle.

Slide out the staple spring mechanism.

Insert staples from the bottom & replace the spring mechanism to secure them.

The type of stapler is ideal for attaching labels to pallets or containers.

Simply push down on the handle to fire staples into the wood.

It can also be used to secure material to a hard surface such as a wooden frame.

Video: A demonstration on our stapling pliers
How to use and load our stapling pliers

Before inserting staples, remove the spring mechanism.

Slide the staples over the central metal shaft.

Replace the spring mechanism and secure in place using the hook at the bottom. To use, simply squeeze the handles together for a secure and efficient seal. Our heavy duty model can staple up to 70 sheets.

Video: A demonstration on our hammer tackers
See how easy our hammer tackers are to load and use

Our hammer tackers work exactly like a traditional hammer. Simply insert the samples into the back of the stapler, secure and use force to the surface. This creates a secure seal. Our hammer tackers are ideal for stapling invoices to pallets, and much more.