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Glue guns & adhesive sticks

Glue guns

The hot melt glue guns available at Kite are suitable for use in a variety of industries and projects alike. Our specialist, high quality melt glue guns are able to form a strong bond between opposing surfaces. The 12mm glue stick dispensed by one of our guns is able to bond to a vast array of materials; from wood to glass and plastics.

The selection of hot air guns available at Kite boast a fast warm up time and are extremely user friendly. The dispensing or application of the hot melt glue sticks is easily achieved by firing a single trigger. We have general purpose or industrial models that comply with slightly different project demands. Our industrial model, for example, is able to withstand more frequent use on larger jobs or projects. The industrial glue gun also has an adjustable glue output; giving you, the user, greater control over glue distribution. Conversely, our general purpose mini glue guns are perfect for infrequent odd jobs or arts and crafts projects.

Although our range has marginally different compatibilities, the quality and durability of both of our glue guns is tried and tested. Kite’s glue guns and accompanying adhesive sticks are a perfect solution for DIY or restoration projects, on a commercial or domestic scale, that require surfaces to be bonded together. They may also be useful in the packaging industry as a quick and cost effective way to seal parcels or packages.

Glue gun adhesive sticks

Glue guns require specific glue gun sticks to operate. In addition to our range of low cost glue guns, we stock a full range of glue gun sticks for all requirements. Our industry standard 12mm temperature glues, in conjunction with one of our glue guns, are able to form secure and long lasting bonds. Choose either low or hot melt adhesive glue sticks, with a selection of setting speeds, for quick application or jobs that require less urgency.  
Hot melt adhesives (HMA) have a multitude of uses in many industries, one of which being in packaging for sealing cartons. Most commonly supplied in glue sticks for use in a hot glue gun, HMAs become molten when heated above 180° C. Responding well to the pressure exerted by a glue gun, the adhesive can easily be used to quickly and firmly seal a multitude of surfaces including cardboard, wood and metal, hardening within seconds as the temperature drops.