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  • A choice of two kits containing everything a business needs for paper strapping applications
  • Semi-automated strapping machine for high volume strapping operations
  • Mobile dispenser trolley, tensioner and sealer available

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Paper strapping kits

Strapping is used commonly across a range of industries, including fulfilment, logistics, and distribution, to bundle, stabilise and secure goods on a pallet for transportation.

At Kite, we supply two paper strapping kits depending on your operation’s requirements.

Kit 1 is aimed at businesses that strap goods less frequently and for whom manual strapping processes suffice. It includes a mobile paper strapping trolley, 12-19mm standard tensioner, 12mm standard sealer, a pack of seals, and two rolls of strapping.

Kit 2 includes a semi-automatic strapping machine and a reel of paper strapping for businesses with high volumes of goods to secure on a daily basis.