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Paper strapping & equipment

Paper Strapping

Used to bundle or secure items together, paper strapping is frequently the choice for applications where plastic strapping maybe be unsuitable, or where a sustainable alternative is preferred.

This method is particularly suited for scenarios that require eco-friendly packaging solutions, or for organisations where environmental impact is a significant consideration.

Paper strapping is great for bundling lightweight packages together and is commonly found in industries that transport lightweight bulk goods.

What strapping tools and seals are compatible with paper strapping?

Our paper strapping is compatible with our 12mm combination tools as well as our separate tensioning and sealing tools. The individual tools are popular in operations where strapping use is irregular and, therefore, where the cost of combination tools is not justifiable.

Caution should be exercised when tensioning this particular strapping as it has a break strength of 80kg.

Secure paper strapping with our standard and premium 12mm semi-open galvanised metal seals to keep goods stabilised throughout transit.

What is the difference between paper strapping and banding?

Banding is suitable for lighter duty applications, especially in circumstances where high quality boxes must be protected from damage, and can opened easily by hand. Strapping, on the other hand, is the go-to choice for heavier-duty applications where goods require robust stabilisation during transit. Unlike banding, it cannot be opened by hand and requires cutting tools for removal.

When strapping sensitive products, additional edge protection can be employed for extra security.