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  • Find everything your business needs to apply paper strapping in one place
  • Safely transport strapping using our mobile dispenser trolley
  • Semi-automatic machine available for high volume operations
  • Separate tensioning and sealing hand tools available

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Paper strapping tools and equipment

Tensioning and sealing tools

If you use paper strapping within your business to bundle and secure parcels and goods, our standard tensioner and sealer are the perfect tools for you. Our standard tensioning tool is suitable for both paper and polypropylene strapping, catering to widths between 12-19mm, and is intended for use on flat surfaces.

Also compatible with paper and polypropylene strapping, our standard sealing tool is designed for use with standard 12mm seals. It crimps the metal seal around the strapping, ensuring any bundles.

Strapping Accessories

For busy operations, we supply a mobile dispenser that slows you to safely transport paper strapping to wherever it may required in your warehouse. The dispenser holds the strapping together, ensuring it does not unravel or become tangled.

Semi-automatic machine

For busy operations with a high output, you may want to consider investing in a semi-automatic strapping machine. It is easy to operate, simply feed the strapping through manually and let the machine handle the rest. Strapping tensions and sealing times can be adjusted using the control panel, while swivel castors enable operators to take the system to wherever they may require it.

By consistently and reliably strapping goods in a fraction of the time usually required for fully manual processes, our semi-automated machine can enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your business.

This semi-automatic machine comes with a 12 month warranty.