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Update on the Current Packaging Market Conditions

We have put together a briefing to help you and your business understand how the packaging industry is being impacted by macro-economic events.

Monday • 11th January • 2021 Andy Fay

We have launched a range of wax lined boxes for food

We have expanded our range of packaging for the food industry by adding wax-lined boxes to our leading b2b ecommerce website.

Tuesday • 5th January • 2021 Jake Kirk

We have launched plastic free bottle protection for a wide range of fragile items

We have 7 sites located around the UK and have always focused on bringing innovative solutions to market.

Thursday • 17th December • 2020 Jake Kirk

How to pack a wreath - The Packaging Doctor

Welcome back to the surgery.

Wednesday • 9th December • 2020 Carl Board

Post box made from recycled packaging and our gummed paper tape

Traditional post box produced from recycled packaging and our gummed paper tape

Wednesday • 2nd December • 2020 Jake Kirk

We have been announced winners of the UK Packaging Awards 2020 ‘Supply Chain Solution of The Year’

We are proud to announce our success in winning this award and are particularly proud of the hard work done by the Kite team involved in the project.

Friday • 27th November • 2020 Jake Kirk

Peak Packaging Monday

It's that time of year again where we find ourselves approaching some of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Monday • 23rd November • 2020 Jake Kirk

We look at incorporating paper systems into your packing operations

Ecommerce sales on the rise and eMarketer forecasting that UK consumers will spend a massive 34.7% more online than in 2019.

Wednesday • 4th November • 2020 Jake Kirk

The benefits of pallet wrap and pallet wrap systems

We are one of the UK’s largest packaging distributors offering a range of solutions suited to all industries.

Tuesday • 27th October • 2020 Jake Kirk

Improve your pack room equipment

We have recently expanded two of our popular pack room products, our dynamic gummed paper tape machine and glue gun bundles

Wednesday • 14th October • 2020 Jake Kirk