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How to tackle returns as an ecommerce business

92% of shoppers will repeat purchases if the returns process is made easy for them. Yet this begs the question: how to make a returns process easy?

Tuesday • 11th January • 2022 Carl Board

Five eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap

Yes, there are sustainable, effective and affordable alternatives to bubble wrap. Five, in fact.

Wednesday • 5th January • 2022 Carl Board

Environmentally Friendly Packaging For Green Businesses

With a philosophy of employee share-ownership, every member of our workforce is committed to promoting eco-friendly packaging.

Monday • 3rd January • 2022 Jake Kirk

Replace your plastic pallet wrap with eco-friendly sugar cane bio film

Learn why sugar cane is being dubbed 'the greenest material on the market'.

Wednesday • 15th December • 2021 Jake Kirk

National Tree Week: what is the impact of paper packaging?

We explain why paper and card packaging is the best choice for eco-friendly businesses.

Friday • 3rd December • 2021 Carl Board

Kite take part in Movember

Supporting men's health with moustaches for Movember 2021.

Thursday • 2nd December • 2021 Jake Kirk

Everything you need to know for 'Peak Packaging Monday'

Find out what it is, when it is and why every business owner needs to be aware.

Monday • 22nd November • 2021 Carl Board

Your Gift Packaging Guide 2021

Learn how to sustainably gift wrap your goods, whatever industry you operate in .

Friday • 19th November • 2021 Carl Board

The Complete Guide to Paper Tape

Looking for plastic-free packaging? Paper tape is essential, effective and wonderfully eco-friendly.

Tuesday • 2nd November • 2021 Carl Board

How can I be eco-friendly when packaging chilled goods?

Kite's new sustainable chilled packaging brings environmental sensitivity to food, fish and pharmaceutical businesses.

Tuesday • 26th October • 2021 Carl Board