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1,000 Kite boxes used for a community engaged workshop

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 15th August 2017

1,000 Kite boxes used for a community engaged workshop

Here at Kite we love hearing about ways our products have been used, whether it’s the common use of sending and protecting items, or something unique. One of our customers has shown us the creative way in which they have been using Kite boxes - it is not something we often see and we must say we think it’s great!

Artist Charlie Evasisto-Boyce will be running a series of free art workshops at Printworks London, he will be using 1,000 Kite boxes and will spend over 3 weeks creating and installing these boxes for a community engaged workshop. The workshop is great for community groups, adults with learning disabilities, enabling creative activities for teenagers and a fun art drop-in for children.

The project involves taking a blank box and applying a different process to it, for example, screen-printing and print making, graffiti and street art, and painting and sculpting. Once complete one of the designs will be chosen and turned in to a print for a show home.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we did!

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

15th August • 2017