5 key packaging mistakes to avoid during peak season
Published by Jake Kirk

5 key packaging mistakes to avoid during peak season

  1. Understanding the demand. Many companies can find themselves falling foul of peak season. For many industrial companies in the UK, increased demand as we enter the final quarter of the year will be very familiar. Looking back to the trends of previous year’s last quarter and seeing where the key increase and demand was will help you to understand common areas where it may likely be again. But do not forget to still focus on your general key products that get demand throughout the year, as you don’t want to make a mistake and forget about those loyal customers.
  2. Failure to plan As the first point goes, understanding the demand goes hand in hand with planning. Once you understand the demand, start to plan! Plan what packaging you will require, plan what courier you will be using, plan the dates you will need to have your supplies in, plan the dates you will need to have your stock out for delivery, plan if you will need more staff, plan if you need any new machines or equipment. Did I mention that you need to plan?
  3. Be smart about packaging. During peak season we often see an increase in the number of packages being damaged. Increased volume can lead to increased problems if not correctly managed. In the past few years’ media attention has focused on this exact problem, particularly as seen from the point of view of delivery companies. We have seen some of the biggest names in the courier industry being criticised for failing to deliver on time, breaking goods and overall poor service levels. These high expectations can often see companies ‘making do’ with the same packaging. Goods arriving damaged, coupled with the inevitable re-sends can leave the customer with excess packaging waste, bringing in the concern of environmental issues. Make sure as a company you are smart about packaging and pre-plan, don’t get comfortable thinking one size box fits all, as its mistakes like this that can often see you over spending on packaging. Speak to one of Kites packaging specialists on 02476 420065, they will guide you and find you the best solutions for your operation. Don’t get caught out with bad packaging this peak season!
  4. Innovate where possible. Packaging is a long established industry but few companies in the sector are true innovators. Whether it’s investing in automated machines to suit your volume requirement, or speaking to packaging specialists, Kite Packaging, there is sure to be a product on the market that you have missed. It may be the low cost ready to use Speedman box paper void fill system for low volume users, or the air shock packs that inflate quick and easy, thanks to the integrated valve, giving you all of the benefits of air cushion protection. Don’t forget Kite's white, highly presentable and quick to assemble postal box range - they are high quality and perfect where presentation matters. Most of all, don’t forgot the other 2,500 products we have online, remember we are packaging specialists, supplying a wide range of solutions for both high and low volume customers and everything in between.
  5. Be prepared for any outcome. We are not telling you to stock up on a mountain of packaging that will take years to get through. Just be prepared. Know your customers and your demand. Being prepared for any outcome will be sure to save you money, keep your customers happy and your products safe during transit. Don’t stress alone, Kite are specialists in the packaging industry for a reason and are here to make your packaging requirements as stress free as possible.

Call Kite on 02476 420065, or visit www.kitepackaging.co.uk, to see Kites full range of products and services.


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