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5 ways to make your office more environmentally friendly

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 07th August 2018

Here at Kite, we’re always looking at ways we can help the environment and make our company more eco-friendly, here are 5 simple yet effective ways you could make your office greener!

1) Save paper.
Now this can be done in a number of ways, it can be little things like printing on both sides of the paper instead or using scrap paper as note paper. These are two smaller ways of saving paper but they do add up. If you’re feeling more ambitious you can go completely paperless in the office. With the wide array of efficient, digital platforms on offer, you could say no to paper and go completely digital.

2) Invest in a water cooler.
When it comes to water, a lot us are guilty for bringing in plastic water bottles each day. Even if it’s not every day we are still bringing more and more plastics into the office throughout the week when we could be removing the need for plastic water bottles. By purchasing a water cooler, you can ensure your office and workforce have fresh, cold water on demand, this as well as some office glasses go hand in hand for a more environmental office as they keep plastic waste to a minimum.

3) Set recycling targets.
For some reason when we’re given advice or guidance sometimes we unintentionally let it go over our heads whereas if we set targets we’re more prone to trying harder. It’s human nature to want to do something more when we’re challenged and so implementing eco-friendly initiatives in the workplace are a great way to get co-workers to try their hardest to be ecological and achieve company targets.

4) Turn off your computer
Okay so this one may appear like an obvious one and perhaps come across as a little insulting but many people fail to properly shut down their computer each night. With the timely shut down period in the evening and the painfully slow start up in the morning it can often be tempting to simply log off your computer or make it go to sleep so you can then get on with a click of a mouse in the morning. This wastes energy however and so if we’re trying to save the planet let’s all commit to fully shutting down our devices at night and when we’re not using them throughout the day.

5) Green your commute
Travelling to and from work can often be stressful, most people opt for driving in the rush hour traffic but if we actually stop and ask ourselves if sitting in traffic and listening to awful radio stations is absolutely necessary, we could come to the conclusion that it isn’t as there are other options. Getting a mode of public transport is particularly good for reducing Co2 emissions on the road or if you would prefer to take a healthier approach, cycling can be good for waking you up and setting your energy levels for the day. To encourage staff to cycle in, an outside bike rack which bikes can be secured to is particularly useful.

Kite Packaging Ltd is an ISO 14001: 2015 accredited company.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

07th August • 2018