A Rubix Cube like no other
Published by Jake Kirk

One of the best-selling toys ever is the Rubik cube and for years it has kept millions of us busy trying to work out how to solve it. The inventor Erno Rubik, an architect professor and sculptor, was originally trying to create a 3D mechanism whose part can be moved independently without the object falling apart, and though successful in this quest he soon realised that after being unable to unscramble the pieces (he did succeed after one month) that he had, in fact, invented a puzzle, The Rubix Cube.

The popularity of this toy never seems to phase out and it’s still extremely well known and popular amongst people of all ages. One of our customers used our cardboard stock boxes, to create a giant Rubix cube, we do not think it is a functioning one, however, it does look very impressive.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did and if you have any creations made using our packaging, please do get in touch!



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