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Bubble Wrap Art

By Jake Kirk • Friday 10th July 2015

We research hard to regularly share industry news, developments, and handy tips for our readers. We are passionate about our blog and spreading our love for the industry, so when we stumble across interesting, quirky and packaging-related wonders, we want to share them with you and celebrate their awesomeness!

Our latest discovery is one which involves paint and a whole lot of bubbles - bubble wrap art.  For years, children have used bubble wrap dipped in paint on their artwork, to create patterns and scenery. But these beautiful pieces aren’t in any way amateur, these are breath taking works of art. From celebrity portraits to stunning scenery, Bradley Hart, an extremely talented artist from New York, covers it all.

So how is it done? We were intrigued to find out more...

The bubbles on bubble wrap act as dots or pixels, much like on a computer screen, working together to build up an image in front of your eyes. An array of acrylic paint colours are accurately injected individually with a syringe into the bubbles, on a sheet of bubble wrap.

Air inside of the bubble and the paint begin to exchange, as one of the two components displaces the other. The excess drips that run down the back of the piece are then surgically removed, revealing an impression of the work.

Clever hey? We love it! Check out some of our favourites below, and Bradley’s full range here.

Image Source: Bradley Hart
Image Source: Bradley Hart -


Image Source: Bradley Hart

Image Source: Bradley Hart -



Image Source: Bradley Hart

Image Source: Bradley Hart

Fancy having a go yourself? Why not check out our range of competitively priced bubble wrap available today. There are large bubbles available for those first timers, and small if you are feeling creative!

Send us your pictures to our Facebook or Twitter page of your masterpieces so we can continue spreading this bubble-art joy.