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Creations with bubble wrap

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 14th July 2016

No matter how big or small the use, we love it when we see packaging being used for something other than what it is commonly known for. We have seen lots of wonderful creations and uses for packaging, from cardboard cities, to sanctuaries for Meerkats.

We all know children in particular see the fun side to packaging, many of us have seen them experience more enjoyment with the packaging at Christmas, than the present they have waited so long for.

One of our employee’s daughters was taking part in a school assembly and had to make a Jelly Fish and it’s no surprise that with a parent in packaging, that packaging was the main material used, the jelly fish was created using an umbrella, and bubble wrap for the trailing tentacles - what a good jelly fish, it’s great to see all the different creations that can be done with packaging.

Bubble wrap is is ideal for customers requiring additional interior protection and is often used to fill empty interior spaces of boxes and packages.