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Eco garment bags with carbon neutral sugarcane

By Jake Kirk • Saturday 5th June 2021

Sugarcane fiber, a by-product of harvesting that has traditionally been thrown away, is now being repurposed as a reclaimed resource with the same reliable properties as polythene plastic. The prime difference is that sugarcane is not derived from fossil fuels and boasts carbon neutrality. The growing process of sugarcane naturally takes carbon out of the environment which offsets any emissions created by transport and production. After use, customers can easily recycle ourgarment bags in the same way that they would normally recycle, promoting a circular economy and the reuse of materials.


We embrace this creative innovation in the form of our new garment bags, designed to provide professional hygienic protection against dust, dirt, bacteria and moisture. Tailormade for wholesalers or even shop floors, these clothing covers ensure that the contents remain immaculate while reliably supporting the weight of most garments. With ecommerce fashion consumption rocketing, it is more important than ever to put sustainable practices at the forefront of the industry.


The sugarcane polymers are sometimes referred to as Bio-HDPE since they possess the exact same properties as the conventionally manufactured counterpart. Sustainable swaps are only effective if they provide the same level of functionality as the product they aim to replace; a quality check comfortably met by Kite’s eco-garment bags. This new product represents an innovative rethinking of an organic product. By incorporating it into packaging processes, a business establishes themselves as leaders of environmental advancements.