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Employee-owned business, Kite Packaging, launch packroom equipment

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 24th January 2018

The new range of essential, high-quality solutions include cupboards, trucks & trolleys, pallet stillages, and workstations & benches

Employee-owned packaging company, Kite Packaging, are specialists in a cross-section of industries and their leading ‘business-to-business’ e-commerce website provides users with an outstanding online user experience.


Kite’s recently launched product range of packroom equipment is designed for a wide range of industries to help meet regulations, improve efficiency and make better use of valuable operational space, such as warehouses and packing areas. The range includes cupboards, workstations & benches, pallet stillages, and trucks & trolleys, all of which are high quality.


Many companies are required to take responsibility for meeting regulations including COSHH, first aid and the handling of hazardous materials. Kite’s range of practical cupboards makes organising and storing equipment and substances easy and safe. With clear, recognisable identification symbols, the range includes cupboards that can be free-standing, mounted onto walls or mobile.

Steel Pallet Stillages

Pallets are a common product within industrial and warehouse operations and Kite has now expanded their range by offering steel pallet stillages. Within the range Kite supplies mesh pallets with different configurations, post pallets and chute pallets, all of which are designed to store stock effectively. The heavy-duty range meets a large range of operational requirements of different products that require storing and easy access.

Trucks & Trolleys

Within busy packing operations and warehouses, it can be a challenge to move component parts and materials from one place to another. With Kite’s range of shelf trucks and boxwell trolleys, this no longer remains an issue. With a variety of shelf configurations available, Kite’s trucks and trolleys will help to improve operational performance through increasing efficiency and output.

Workstations & Benches

Designed to save time and increase efficiency, Kite’s new workstations and benches are available in a range of different specifications, ensuring that individual requirements are met. Workstations are ideal for team leaders and management and packing benches are designed for packing areas with both being great additions to warehouses, construction sites, garages and factories.

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

24th January • 2018