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Environmentally Friendly Packaging For ‘Green’ Businesses

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 14th August 2014

Our business is always looking for new ways to help customers make informed choices about the packaging products they buy, and one of the ways we do this is by creating intelligent tools on our website to help with the ordering process. A great example of this is our mixed pallet tool which allows you to choose from a mixture of single, double and enviro wall boxes in varying sizes and create your own pallet – you can then take advantage of pallet sized price breaks despite buying a mixture of packs.


Most recently we have been looking at the environment, and how we can help eco-conscious businesses find sustainable, climate-neutral products that are recyclable. The packaging industry as a whole has been heavily criticised in the past for contributing to the on-going waste problem in the UK. That is why back in 2005 Kite worked with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action programme) to produce Enviroboxes , a heavy duty box with the same strength as double wall cartons but by using less cardboard. This product inspired a larger range of Enviro products.

Take a look at our fact files about these products and see how they can help your business stay green.



The original and the best, our Enviroboxes are ideal for shipping all kinds of goods – even heavy items. Available in 10 different sizes from 12 x 9 x 9 inches to 30 x 18 x 18 inches, they are perfect for logistics businesses and for shipping large quantities of product. The larger sizes also have hand holes for easier lifting and many sizes have a multi-score feature for versatility.

Alternative To: Double Wall Boxes

Environmental Credentials:

  • 7% lighter than double wall cardboard to reduce transport costs
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process, resulting in 30% less CO2 emissions
  • 50% reduction in cardboard waste compared with double wall cartons



Kite’s Envirotape was one of the first 150 metre tapes (regular tape is around 66m) and comes on a smaller core to reduce cardboard waste. Available in acrylic for ambient environments and hot melt for colder environments (such as refrigeration), Envirotape also comes with a free tape dispenser when you order more than 5 packs which is universal to fit both the smaller and regular core sizes.  Per metre, Envirotape is the cheapest packaging tape Kite sell, with  a 66m equivalent price starting at  32p – lower than even  our own brand economy standard length tape. .

Alternative To: Standard 66m Packaging Tape

Environmental Credentials:

  • 63% reduction in cardboard waste due to a smaller core and more tape per roll
  • 45% more tape on a roll to reduce packaging costs and CO2 emissions through delivery



Stretch film is a huge consumable for many operations, however the size of the product often means tons of cardboard is thrown away each year as the rolls of films are used. Envirostretch has been designed to tackle this issue, and is completely coreless so that cardboard waste is reduced entirely. The rolls can be used on a dedicated dispenser for ease of wrapping, and is available in both 17 and 20 micron so that it is suitable for medium duty and heavy duty use. The coreless design also means the roll is much lighter than standard pallet wrap and therefore much easier to maneuverer, ideal for operations with a high throughput and fast turnaround times.

Alternative To: Standard Pallet Wrap

  • Coreless design means a 100% reduction in cardboard waste
  • 25% wider than standard pallet wrap so less wraps are required, saving transport costs and waste



EcoFlo is the brand name given to our Envirochips, starch based loose fill that is still one of the most popular void filling materials. Available in 15 cubic feet bags, the chips have a cylindrical design to manoeuvre around products perfectly and have been proven to offer better protection than polystyrene chips. Loose fill chips are not only great at filling holes to prevent products moving in transit but also act as a great shock absorber to prevent against damage.

Alternative To: Polystyrene Loose Fill Chips

Environmental Credentials

  • Made from starch, these chips are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable
  • Contain no hazardous decomposition products to protect the environment and create minimum impact once disposed of

Arofol Bubble-Lined Mailers


We love these postal bags as not only are they economical, but they offer a great environmentally friendly alternative to other bubble-lined mailing bags. Popular in varying industries, particularly mail order and e-fulfilment they offer a peel and seal closure for easy packing and security and a Kraft paper outer which (if you read our cardboard boxes post last week) has excellent burst and tear resistant qualities. Bubble lined envelopes are brilliant for offering a protective solution to smaller products, as they surround goods in a protective sleeve to reduce damages.  Our Arofol envelopes are also available in two colours – white and gold to suit your business needs.

Alternative To: Jiffy AirKraft Mailers

Environmental Credentials:

  • Manufactured from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper to promote responsible forestry
  • 100% recyclable
  • Manufactured in a climate-neutral way to ensure no negative impact on the environment
  • No solvents used in production

And that’s not it! We also stock paper carrier bags, polythene mailing bags that have been manufactured from 100% recyclable materials, and recycled paper rolls for wrapping goods.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

14th August • 2014