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Have you seen our new hand pallet wrap bundle offer…

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 19th March 2019

Our 5x5 pallet wrap system, one of the UK’s safest ways of reducing health and safety issues associated with hand wrapping pallets, is now available to buy in bundles.

5x5 pallet wrap

We’ve introduced these new hand stretch bundles to help save you time and money thanks to their operational efficiency boosting qualities.

This hand wrapping system is particularly useful for businesses looking to boost their green credentials and reduce their use of plastic as it reduces the amount of pallet wrap used by up to 60%. 

The 5x5 pallet wrap dispenser, which was previously only available on a rental basis, can also now be purchased as a permanent addition, meaning businesses no longer have to enter into a contract to get hold of one.

Ergonomically designed to improve comfort and efficiency, these hand held pallet wrap systems allow operators to walk forward around pallets in order to dispense the film in a natural position with no bending or stretching required. This combined with its pre-stretch gears that release film at the optimum elastic point, ensures a reduced risk of any health and safety issues that can arise.

The bundles are each made up of a 5x5 shrink wrap dispenser and nano technology pallet wrap, with a wide variety of pallet wrap specifications to choose from so you can find the right pallet wrap for their business.

If you want to find out how else you can improve your environmental operations, please visit our environmental page here.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

19th March • 2019