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How to create a makeshift grass island – The Packaging Doctor

By Jake Kirk • Friday 08th February 2019

Packaging has an array of different uses and often people only think of it as protecting a product or for safety. Today we meet a customer that makes us think creatively as well as practically, who is looking for a different way to use our strapping. Let’s see how our Packaging Doctor helped this customer with their more out of the ordinary enquiry….

Dear Doctor,

I have been thinking of a way in which I can protect birds to keep them away from some of the predators they face and to have a safe place to live. I have created a floating island using some popular recycled household goods and I’m now looking for a way in which I can secure the items together to that it remains strong and secure. I will then place grass on top to make it a man-made island.

I hope you can help!

Thank you


Hi Phillip

This sounds like a great idea, particularly putting recycled household goods to such a great use to protect wildlife.

We have just the product in stock for you. Our 12.5mm polypropylene strapping is the perfect product to secure your household items together. Not only is it best suited to light and medium duty applications, it is also embossed to defend against splitting and to ensure seal joints are as tight as possible and is extremely user friendly.

It will ensure your man-made island stays in tact so that the birds can continue to enjoy it and stay safe.

Best wishes,

The Packaging Doctor

Note: All the packaging problems our doctor receives are real queries from customers or non-customers. If you have a packaging problem that needs diagnosing get in touch: Twitter @kitepackaging or email

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

08th February • 2019