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We are lucky here in the surgery to work with a variety of different customers, all of which have their own unique products or businesses. This week, The Packaging Doctor helps an exotic pet store to move to new premises…


Dear Doctor,

We own an exotic pet store, and sell a range of animals from reptiles, fish and some birds. We are relocating very soon and need some materials to transport all of the animals safely, as well as all of the other products we sell in our store.

Do you have some appropriate products that you think we could use?

Kind regards,



Hi Cara,

With so many different products and live animals to move to a new location, we have a number of products that you may find useful!

First, we propose using our attached lid containers, which are versatile, reusable boxes. They have a unique nesting lid design, so when closed the lids secure in a vertical line, and could be used to securely transport your reptiles and amphibians. The boxes are available in three different strengths, ranging from light to heavy duty, and they are easy to stack when transporting. They are easy to clean and then can be re-used for storage once you have moved into your new premises.

To transport all of the fish, we have an extensive range of polythene bags. Depending on the size of each fish, you could use our grip seal bags, which are made from a strong 45 micron material, and are available in a number of different sizes. Alternatively, we have a range of larger polythene bags available in various strengths, which may be more suitable for larger fish. All of our bags are made from clear polythene, making it easy to identify the animal within each bag.

For transporting your exotic birds, we have an extensive range of cardboard boxes that you could use, once you have cut out air holes. We would suggest using our double wall cardboard boxes as these are made with 2 sheets of strong corrugated cardboard to provide additional strength and this will give you peace of mind when transporting each bird as you will know they are protected. These boxes are also ideal for packing up other items in your store and are available in a range of sizes, so you can order the most appropriate sizes for you.

We hope that you will find all of these products suitable and we hope that your move goes successfully!

Best wishes,

The Packaging Doctor



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